Drop Shadows featured in the RA Magazine

We are pleased to announce that Drop Shadows has been featured in the RA Magazine spring 2024 edition.
Drop shadows will be running until the 14th of march.

Aaron Kasmin on BBC Radio London

Aaron gave a brilliant and insightful interview to BBC Radio London’s Robert Elms about his Strike a Light exhibition.  He discusses his passion for matchbooks, where it all began and his inspiration for these wonderful and detailed drawings.

BBC Radio London – interview with Aaron Kasmin available here from 2 hours 12 mins in.

Aaron Kasmin featured in The Times

We are delighted Aaron Kasmin’s Strike a Light exhibition has been featured in The Times (9th June 2023).  The exhibition runs until 20th July.  Click here to access the viewing room.

London Original Print Fair returns to Somerset House Thursday 30 March – Sunday 2 April 2023

The London Original Print Fair is the longest running specialist print fair in the world. We are delighted to be participating in this year’s fair at Somerset House. We look forward to welcoming you in our room in the East Wing where we will be exhibiting prints by Roy Lichtenstein,  Lucian Freud, David Hockney, Howard Hodgkin, Henry Moore, Patrick Caulfield, Joe Tilson, Sam Francis, Eileen Cooper, Paula Scher and others.

For more information please click here.

Sims Reed Gallery at the London Original Print Fair 2022

We are thrilled to be taking part at the 37th Edition of the London Original Print Fair. This year, for the first time, the fair is taking place at Somerset House.

To see our fair list please click here.

The  London Original Print Fair is the longest running print fair in the  world, founded in 1985 at the Royal Academy of Arts. It is a celebration of printmaking in all its forms, spanning six centuries from the 15th century works of Dürer and his contemporaries to that of emerging contemporary artists. We will be exhibiting works by Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, David Hockney, Bridget Riley, Patrick Caulfield, Henry Moore, Peter Doig, Max Ernst, Eduardo Chillida, Howard Hodgkin, Sol Lewitt, Richard Hamilton, Ed Ruscha, Paula Scher, Yves Tanguy, Joe Tilson and others.

Opening times
VIP Opening Wednesday 25th May 6 – 9 pm
Thursday 26th 11am – 8pm
Friday 27th May 11am – 8pm
Saturday 28th May 10am – 6pm
Sunday 29th May 10am – 6pm

If you  would like a ticket please email us at gallery@simsreed.com and we would be happy to send you a complimentary pass.


La Célestine by Pablo Picasso – New Acquisition

One of Picasso’s rarest prints, the entire series of 66 etchings for La Célestine on a single large sheet. One of only nine impressions. 

This impression is signed Picasso and dated Le 9.9.70 in red crayon, numbered 4/9. 

Etching and sugar-lift aquatint, printed by Editions Crommelynck on yellow tinted Rives paper. In excellent condition with deckle edge on four sides. 

Sheet size: 75 x 105 (cm); 29 ½ x 41 ¼ (inches) 

[Provenance: Given by Picasso to Paul Puaux – Director of the Festival d’Avignon from 1971-79]. 

For more information please visit our online viewing room.

Henry Moore: Sculptural Ideas

We kickstart February with a new exhibition, Henry Moore: Sculptural Ideas, 3rd February – 3rd March. This portfolio of etchings and aquatints, Sculptural Ideas, 1981 typifies Moore’s interest in combining his interest in sculpture, drawing and printmaking.  Many of the figures depicted in the prints are directly related to earlier drawings and 1930’s studies, which Moore decided to reinterpret in these bright, bold and lively prints.

The works can be viewed in the gallery and also on our online viewing room.

Upcoming Exhibition: Sam Francis, Poems in the Sky

This winter we are excited to exhibit Sam Francis: Poèmes dans le Ciel (Poems in the Sky) a portfolio of six prints from 1986.

Sam Francis took up lithography in 1960 and it became an important aspect of his artistic practice. In 1970 he established a workshop called the Litho Shop to print and publish his own lithographs. This portfolio of six prints were produced by Francis to accompany a text by the French art critic Michel Waldberg. He drew directly onto six plates and printed them in yellow, red, green, purple, ultramarine, dark blue and black.

The works will be displayed in the gallery and there will be an online viewing room to accompany the exhibition which runs from 17th January – 21st February.

IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair Online | Fall 2021.

We are thrilled to be taking part in the world’s largest fair dedicated to printmaking and offering a selection of modern and contemporary prints from the best printmakers, including; Bridget Riley, David Hockney, Ed Ruscha, Paula Scher, Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Patrick Caulfield.

View our highlights and visit our booth here. The online fair is live from 15th – 31st October 2021.

Aaron Kasmin | How to Spend it, Financial Times

Last weekend saw a feature on Aaron Kasmin’s drawings from Always a Show and the art of the humble matchbook, which has continued to inspire artists and designers since the 1920s. Read all about it here. On page 37 of the 2nd October issue of the Financial Times Weekend.

Aaron Kasmin: Always a Show | Press Coverage

We are delighted to be featured in the October issue of  House & Garden as well as the Telegraph (11th September 2021) with a preview of our forthcoming exhibition Aaron Kasmin: Always a Show, which opens on 16th September.



Two new online exhibitions at SRG!

We kickstart the summer with two colourful new Online Exhibitions: Chihuly and Pop Art in Print! Chihuly explores Dale Chihuly’s unique drawings on paper from the mid-1990s to recent work. Pop Art in Print explores the parallels in artistic thought, subject and processes between American and British Pop artists. Explore the Online Viewing Rooms now.

1stDibs Introspective Magazine

We are delighted to be included in 1stDibs’ Introspective Magazine this month, as one of 1stDibs’ dealer members. In this feature, the importance of art associations and the community of dealers is discussed. Sims Reed Gallery is proud to be a member of the esteemed organisations International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA) and Society of London Art Dealers (SLAD) are both mentioned in this article. Our colourful Sol LeWitt Arcs and Bands in Color (2000) set of linocuts is also featured. Read the full article here. 

IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair | Spring 2021 Online Edition

Between 14 – 28th May, we will be taking part in the Spring Online edition of the IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair. Usually held each autumn in New York, the fair has expanded its online presence with an online spring edition.

We, along with 85 exhibitors from around the world, will be presenting curated collections of prints spanning Old Master, Modern, Post-War and Contemporary art. For this edition, our booth offers a bespoke interactive virtual space in which you can select and arrange works to suit your taste.

Established in 1987, the IFPDA is recognised as the world’s pre-eminent organisation for fine art prints with 150 members vetted for the highest level of quality, value, and professionalism.

For our booth, we present an online exhibition Mastering Freedom: Joan Miró, Eduardo Chillida and Roberto Matta.

For more details and to view our online booth, click here.

London Original Print Week

After a year of looking at art online the May Bank Holiday weekend offers you the chance to get back into those much-missed galleries, including ours!

London Original Print Week brings together 33 of LOPF’s long-standing exhibitors who will once again be opening their doors to visitors with a series of print shows from 1 – 8 May.

To make a booking to visit Sims Reed Gallery on 1, 4-8 May, click here.

Review of Eileen Cooper’s Nights at the Circus in the i Newspaper…

Read the review in the i Newspaper on Eileen Cooper’s Nights at the Circus exhibition here.

Eileen Cooper: Nights at the Circus | 4th March – 2nd April

Eileen Cooper takes us on a journey through her imagination in Nights at the Circus, her second exhibition with Sims Reed Gallery.

Drawing inspiration from Angela Carter’s seminal novel Nights at the Circus, Cooper has created over twenty unique works on paper and prints. We are also excited to launch two new editions with Cooper, Blue Moon and Feathers. Similarly to Carter, Cooper’s work weaves elements of fairy tales and magical realism in her distinctive style, which treads an agile path between realism and fantasy. Revisiting this much loved novel elicited deep connections that tied Carter’s colourful characters with imagery in Cooper’s work and subconscious. The result reveals a new body of work which combines motifs inspired by the literary work and ideas drawn from her own imagination. A very personal interpretation of the tale is told through her eyes.

View the virtual gallery tour here.

Please see link to the online catalogue here.

Interview with Eileen Cooper on her upcoming exhibition ‘Nights at the Circus’ at SRG….

Read Eileen Cooper’s interview with The London Magazine here.

Interview with Paula Scher, 19.10.20

A few weeks ago, we were honoured to be in conversation with designer and artist Paula Scher, to discuss her inspirations behind the maps in her latest series of screenprints, and what it was like being in the printmaking studio. Read the interview in full below.

Sims Reed Gallery: How have things changed over lockdown?

Paula Scher: The thing that changed was the balance between remote life and normal life in New York, where I would be meeting with the team and clients; an exciting, busy life. Painting in the country is an opposite action and the two balance each other so it was very important for me to do both. Now I’m in my painting studio working all day it takes me so much longer because I have to operate all this equipment which I’ve never operated. It takes longer to do the things that would take half a day so on the one hand I can’t say it’s hurt the work but it’s hurt my private time. There was a real balance in my life where the painting could not exist without the design and the design could not exist without the painting…

SRG: We were curious about all the places you have travelled in the world and if you have been drawn to a particular one and why?

 PS: My paintings aren’t about travel really. I love to come to Europe and I miss it desperately. We have an office in London; I miss seeing my partners in person, I miss being in London where I was at least three to four times a year. I miss going to Paris. I miss the international travel that I did as a speaker. […] I travel mainly through business and either for work or lecturing. I can’t say that the maps are driven by my travel; they’re much more driven by contemporary events. They really chronicle human behaviour and physicality of the world. They are mostly political the maps.

SRG: How do you choose what colour palette you are using for each map?

PS: Sometimes I have a pre-existing idea. I remember that I wanted to paint Africa in black and white, just simply because I felt it was a stark choice. It’s an interesting painting if you read it, because it was really about the conquering of a continent. You can read the name of cities that go deep, deep, deep into the middle of Africa and you can pick out the foreign derivation of who conquered the territory from the language of the place, which is really just a fascinating study. [It depends on what] I’m trying to say about that given area in a moment in time.

SRG: When you are moving from a source or factual map to the composition, what are you interested in exploring; what elements are you selecting from the original map?

PS: The maps are done in different groups and these prints [in the online exhibition] were [inspired] from a number of different shows. A recent show I did focused on the United States. This group of eight paintings included one, which I translated into print – USA Distances. The show was all distances and demographics and population studies and weather patterns and they were on different subjects as related to the US, but collectively it gave you a total picture of the US. There are so many errors in my paintings that are left because of the nature of the fact that it is not science, but that you can get a complete understanding of the United States by understanding the paintings. And some of them where – like the demographic paintings – predicted what happened to the US politically. You could see the break ups of ethnicities, where people fought, who lived in what states and then there were things that were really silly, like the real estate values for the whole of the United States! There were different paintings on different subject matters and they all tied together as an exhibit.

There was an exhibit before that was really about the structure of cities; of London, Rome and Berlin, and the prints have come from that series. They were from a group of different paintings that were in different shows so they had some different subject matter. But the point of those paintings is really looking at cities as these webs that are connected and define populations in specific ways.

I painted a map of Philadelphia for an installation at my alma mater, Tyler School of Art about six years ago and I had painted the road map of Philadelphia and had it blown up on giant pieces of paper and gave each section of the paper – they were about 2 x 3 feet. I gave each section of the paper to 150 students and they were given a section of that territory to paint in the words and they were told to go to Google Maps and find out what was there and make comments on it and paint it in. It’s an installation that you could walk into, a giant map painting and you realise that when people had to narrate their own territories it became incredibly personal. Their understanding of that area is only in the way they could paint it – the whole thing held together visually because the road signs were the thickest things and they were given thin brushes so they couldn’t make big letters – the density of it was amazing. We all do it, we all understand and have our own narrative about places.

SRG: How did you select the locations in this series?

PS: That was all based on personal connections. Places that we like, places that we felt affinities for. We picked Berlin because of the printer – Alexander Heinrici. The United States road maps were probably for me. There were different participants involved in choosing them. It was sort of everybody’s favourites; not about liking one painting more then another, but it really seemed to be about the place, and that the place was drawing different people in for different reasons. I am really fascinated by audience’s reactions to what they want to buy. They have an attachment to the places as much as the painting.

SRG: Turning to printmaking, Sims Reed Gallery specialises in printmaking, so I wanted to ask you how you got into it? Who introduced you to the idea of making screenprints?

 PS: It was really my first gallery. They had an affinity for prints and we found that the paintings are really big. The original paintings the prints derived from are all enormous – like the painting of Africa was about 11 feet by 11 feet before it became a print. There were a lot of people who were interested in my paintings, like architects and other designers and editors and people who gravitated towards them because of the subject matter as much as the aesthetics. I call them Abstract Expressionist information! But the people who responded to them, I think, were in love with the notion of painted information and that a lot of those sorts of people were not art collectors and couldn’t really afford the paintings and they really wanted them, so we decided to make the map prints because they would be a more affordable way to do it… So people do purchase them who are not necessarily ‘art collectors’ and that changed the game. So it has a more central interest beyond someone who is collecting.

SRG: We were wondering whether you went straight to screenprinting and that you found it worked perfectly, or if you had experimented with other printmaking mediums like lithograph before coming to screenprinting?

PS: I did do some lithographs but they weren’t of the map paintings. It was with a master printer Erika Schneider – she’s now in Florida …and it was a series on when George Bush invaded Iraq and there was a narrative of getting into the Iraq War that were done as a series of handwritten lithographs that were very much in the style of my map paintings and they looked great, they were beautiful. Then when I was at the Stendhal Gallery they introduced me to Alex Heinrici who has printed all of my prints so far. He is a master printer; he is really amazing and his work is spectacular.

SRG: What was it like working with him in the studio? Do you find he finds new kinds of tricks for you or suggestions, or do you find it‘s very evenly collaborative?

PS: I would say it’s evenly collaborative. He showed me what would work, what couldn’t work but mostly we were working closely together.

SRG: We have one final question. We wanted to know what artists are currently inspiring you?

PS: There is a wonderful artist called José Parlá who I love. His work is great. I think that probably the usual suspects – and Louise Bourgeois. I love her work. I think she’s just amazing and I love her drawing – all of it. I have a friend who I went to school with who I admire tremendously named Laurie Simmons. We’ve been friends for years and her work is hilarious and quite brilliant. She really is so inspiring. I should mention a man… I would say all the usual suspects. I like contemporary art and I’m inspired by so many people and people whose work I couldn’t even imagine doing like James Turrell. They just blow my mind and it’s such a wonderful universe of people out there now to choose from. I’m fortunate because I can commute to the best art museum on the East coast of New York right now for Contemporary Art, MASS MoCA which has a phenomenal collection of everybody and new artists all the time and I’m totally inspired by it. Then on the West Coast when I go to LA I run into The Broad which is amazing, another incredible museum. I think that the amount of international inspiration that goes on, on a daily basis, in terms of what you can see in the United States in the last ten years is spectacular. Everything is everywhere and that is wonderful.


19th October 2020, New York






















































New Sims Reed Gallery Annual Catalogue Edition #4!

Our newly published Annual Catalogue has just been published. Explore the catalogue here. It includes highlights of works in the gallery’s collection. To purchase a copy, please contact us here.


Interview with Eileen Cooper RA OBE in Art Breath

Read all about Eileen Cooper RA OBE in a recent interview with Art Breath here. From her training at Goldsmiths College, to her time as Keeper of the Royal Academy, she discusses her inspiration and influences behind her distinctive work…

Collaboration with Art For Heroes to raise money for NHS Charities!

We have been invited to guest curate Art For Heroes’ art auction this Bank Holiday weekend! Emerging contemporary artists will be donating their works to the auction, in which 100% of the sale proceeds will be going towards NHS Charities to support our hero workers on the frontline. Auctions will be staggered, from 9.30am to 10pm on Saturday 23rd, Sunday 24th and Monday 25th May. The first auction will include a new woodcut by Declan Jenkins.

Featured in Artnet’s gallery highlights

We are delighted to be included in Artnet’s highlights of galleries with online viewing rooms in their 6th May article. Link here.

Artists Working from Home: Eileen Cooper

Last spring we were honoured to work with Eileen Cooper OBE RA in her exhibition ‘Short Stories’, a first for the gallery and the start of a wonderful friendship. The show was a colour bath, filled with layers of narratives and versatility in exploring the medium of paper and a range of printmaking techniques, all with Eileen’s distinctive and inimitable touch.  We are working on a budding project together so have been lucky to be in contact during this period of self-isolation.  We wanted to step into her world for a minute so we thought we would catch up with her and see what life is like to work from home now…

‘I’m lucky that I’ve always had a home studio, so everything is set up as normal.  It is a flexible space; at the moment I’ve put painting to one side and I’m concentrating on some graphic works, with a ‘Top Secret’ brief…all will be divulged at Sims Reed next year.  My normal way of working is intensive and I’m always juggling a few projects, but now, in lockdown, I’d describe my way of working as ‘gentle’.  Each morning I’m prioritising pilates and several circuits around my garden.  A new need, to keep in regular contact with family, friends and acquaintances from around the world is taking a fair bit of time.  On returning to the studio, I realise how special it is to be able to lose oneself for hours at a time in another reality’. 

Artists Working from Home: Aaron Kasmin

We were lucky enough to work with Aaron on not one, not two but three exhibitions since 2015. His work is the perfect antidote to our surreal situation, as his drawings transport you away to another world! You can’t help but smile when you see his work. These beautiful immensely detailed pencil drawings are inspired by his personal collection of vintage American matchbooks. Aaron lives in London with artist Sarah Kasmin. We asked Aaron what this time of isolation means for him and what it is like working from home.

“In this surreal time of lockdown, my working life is actually remarkably similar. I am fortunate that my studio is at home upstairs. Isolation is something I am used to; it is the way of life for an artist who paints and draws. My other love is our beautiful garden, which I spend a lot of time pottering about in and sitting in. The inspiration for my matchbook drawings comes from the genius artists who originally created them and also from my love of 1940s and 1950s Hollywood films – the suave and sophisticated, the glamour, the mood. It also celebrates ephemera; something I have had an obsession with collecting all my life.”

Dale Chihuly in Artsy

Learn about how Dale Chihuly – and other artists – are adapting to the new normal and making new work during Covid-19 in this Artsy article here.


Artists Working from Home: Humphrey Ocean

We have been catching up with the brilliant Humphrey Ocean RA who has been keeping busy in his South London studio, where he admits to spending most of his waking hours now.  Though best known as a painter, Ocean discovered printmaking in recent years.  In 2018 we were honoured to exhibit Ocean’s prints, works on paper and sculpture in the show ‘I’ve no idea either‘.  He told us about what life feels like in this period of isolation…

‘I am of course naturally secretive, for my own sake, just superstition about talking before doing, in case one undermines the other.  Perhaps I should not be but I like this, being left alone.  To think, and think a bit more, and allow thoughts simply to connect. I wonder if this is what it was like for Jane Austen, the concentration to put so much into each sentence.  Anyway, all I will say is I am starting again something I began in 2004.  Maybe this is a better time for it’.

Artists Working from Home: Declan Jenkins

As we hunker down and work from home, Team Sims Reed are working out new ways of communicating with our artists as we continue to work on projects together.

First up we’ve been catching up with the superb Declan Jenkins about what it’s like to work from home.  Following RA schools in 2015, Jenkins had a solo show of prints with us in 2017.  He normally works from his studio in South London, where he lives with the artist India Mackie (also RA schools alumni) and baby girl. His expressively carved woodcuts explore the consciousness of being an artist and hover between writing and diagram.

‘The trick is to try and make the most of limited space and materials, but sometimes those limitations can yield real breakthroughs.  Working from home is more diaristic, with a daily routine of drawing and watercolours.  There is more space for reverie and it feels like I have gone back to being a teen, making bits and bobs in the bedroom’.

Chihuly Exhibition Launches

We are thrilled to announce our the launch of our exhibition Chihuly which is now online to view until 1st May. Nearly thirty years of fine art prints and unique drawings are presented in our collaboration with the Chihuly Studio.

For an introduction to the artist’s work which began with weaving and glassblowing, take a look at this fascinating short film here.

(Image: Dale Chihuly, Jerusalem, 1999 © Chihuly Studio. Photographer: Terry Rishel)


New monograph by Humphrey Ocean RA

Congratulations to Humphrey Ocean! A new monograph of Ocean’s work has recently been published. Drawing together his work across many disciplines, together with an essay by the curator Ben Thomas, this can now be purchased at the Royal Academy of Arts, London and online. A secondary published, A Book of Birds, published by the RA is also available.

SRG’s annual catalogue edition #3

Our new annual catalogue of our current selection of modern, post-war and contemporary prints and works on paper is now available to purchase and can be viewed online here

SRG in Tatler’s Insider’s Guide to Masterpiece 2019

Aaron Kasmin’s drawings were mentioned as a highlight of Masterpiece fair in Tatler last week! Read all about it here.

Aaron Kasmin’s new show at SRG: Showtime! Opening 30 May.

News of our new exhibition in The Mayfair Times. Kasmin returns to Sims Reed Gallery with his third exhibition inspired by American feature matchbooks that he passionately collects. The inventive subjects make for arresting images and the drawings shed a new light on American culture. It celebrates, not only the everyday but also the glitz and glamour of life, these works draw attention to these forgotten ephemeral masterworks of art.

Eric Fischl mini-show at SRG

This April and May we are featuring a selection of new editions by American artist Eric Fischl (b. 1948). In his new pinned Mylar works, Fischl creates images that are both striking in their vibrant tones and infused with the subtle tension of figures twisting, reaching and pushing out beyond the boundaries of the picture plane. More info in our mention in the Wall Street International.


Review of Eileen Cooper’s exhibition ‘Short Stories’ by Bob Chaundy (Considering Art)

Thank you to Bob Chaundy, journalist and author of Considering Art, for the  glowing review of Eileen Cooper’s Short Stories exhibition at Sims Reed Gallery! Read all about it here. 

“It’s a seductive exhibition – intimate, sensual and with a lightness of touch. With those bright, paper-layered backgrounds of predominantly orange and brown contrasted against the blue skies, cleverly torn to reveal the impression of clouds, it’s a show that evokes great warmth.”

Derek Boshier in the Evening Standard

A prominent British pop artist, whose work hangs next to David Hockney’s in Tate Britain, has had a sketch he was working stolen from one of the gallery’s public easels.

Boshier made his name in the 1960s as one of the key proponents of British Pop Art, along with contemporaries David Hockney, Peter Blake and Pauline Boty. In the Seventies, the artist created the Clash’s second songbook.

Read more here.

Humphrey Ocean on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Only Artists’

To listen, click here. The artist Humphrey Ocean is Professor of Perspective at the Royal Academy of Arts, and his portraits of Paul McCartney, Philip Larkin, Tony Benn and Lord Whitelaw are in the National Portrait GalleryFor Only Artists, he meets the painter Mark Alexander.

Humphrey Ocean & Elephant Magazine

Sims Reed Gallery’s new solo show with Humphrey Ocean RA is featured in this month’s online issue of Elephant Magazine. Click here to read an interview between the artist and Ungo from grafiti collective Broken Fingaz Crew.

IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair Review in Hamptons Art Hub


Wallpaper* Magazine x St. James’s Art & Design Walk

We are pleased to be taking part in St. James’s Art & Design Walk on Thursday 19th October. This art walk has been organised in collaboration with Wallpaper* Magazine. For more details, click here.

Film of Preview of Declan Jenkins’ exhibition

A film showing highlights of our preview evening of Declan Jenkins’ I sing of armoires.. on 5th September 2017 at Sims Reed Gallery. Including an introduction from the artist.

Artnet Interview with Declan Jenkins

As Declan Jenkins’ exhibition with SRG approaches, Artnet News interviews the artist in their ‘Artnet Asks’ article here.

Artdependence Interview with Artist Declan Jenkins

Art magazine Artdependence interview artist Declan Jenkins in the run up to his exhibition with Sims Reed Gallery in September. Read the interview here.

Masterpiece 2017

Masterpiece 2017

We are excited to be exhibiting at Masterpiece London Art Fair 29th June – 5th July 2017 at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. Do contact us: gallery@simsreed.com for information and complimentary tickets.

Up in Smoke Making Waves

We are thrilled to see Aaron Kasmin’s show Up in Smoke featured in Country & Town House, The World of Interiors and Homes & Antiques magazines. The exhibition runs from 17th May – 9th June.

Aaron Kasmin | The Mayfair Magazine

Aaron Kasmin’s upcoming exhibition with SRG, Up in Smoke, is featured in the May issue of The Mayfair Magazine

Gallery Monthly: Interview with Sims Reed Gallery

Sims Reed Gallery have been included in GalleryMonthly’s series of interviews! You can read all about it here. GalleryMonthly offers a platform for sharing different cultural perspectives and interpretations of art.

Allen Jones: ‘Thrill Me’ Prints from 1959-2007

This exhibition celebrates over forty years of printmaking from one of the masters of British Pop art.  Allen Jones’ work has reflected and inspired British culture,  drawing on themes that include sensuality, erotic imagery, fetish and pin-up glamour.
We enjoyed a jam-packed preview party and were thrilled to be joined by the artist himself.  The show will run until 16th March.

Mayfair Gallery Map

The Royal Academy of Arts has launched a new Mayfair and St. James’s gallery map in collaboration with GalleriesNow.net. We are delighted to be featured in this map, highlighting one of the oldest and most important arts areas in London.

Richard Estes Exhibition at SRG

Between 28th November and 23rd December 2016, Sims Reed Gallery presents an exhibition of Richard Estes’ iconic screenprints from his Urban Landscapes series.

Royal Academy of Art’s 10 Mayfair Shows to Visit this Summer 2016

We are delighted to be one of the Royal Academy of Art’s ‘Top 10 Mayfair Shows to Visit this Summer’ on their blog. Our Cool Britannia summer show continues until the end of this month. The article can be viewed here.

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