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    Patrick Caulfield (b. London, 1936) studied at the Chelsea School of Art in the 1950’s where he met many of the early pioneers of Pop art. He later attended the Royal College of Art, studying alongside David Hockney and Allen Jones. Caulfield’s work has had a significant impact on future generations of artists, graphic designers and illustrators. Alongside his painting, he developed his ideas in silk-screen, the qualities of which lend themselves well to his flat areas of bold colour and simple, clean outlines.

    Patrick Caulfield
    Glazed Earthenware

    Screenprint, 1975.
    Signed in pencil, one of 13 artist’s proofs aside from the edition of 70.
    Printed on wove paper at Kelpra Studio.
    Published by Waddington Graphics, London.
    (Dempsey 44).
    77.3 x 102.6 cm.

    Patrick Caulfield
    Window at Night

    Sceenprint printed in colours, 1972.
    Signed in pencil and numbered AP from the edition of 72 plus 15 proofs.
    Printed on wove paper at Kelpra Studio, London.
    Published by Leslie Waddington Prints, London.
    100.3 x 74.5 cm.


    The artist Richard Hamilton and printer Chris Prater introduced Caulfield to screenprinting 1964. The qualities of the medium perfectly matched Caulfield’s simple and bold aesthetic, and he developed his work in print alongside his paintings into the latter stages of his career.

    Patrick Caulfield
    Some Poems of Jules Laforgue

    Six signed loose screenprints from Edition B of ‘Some Poems of Jules Laforgue‘, 1973. Each signed and numbered in pencil verso from an edition of 200 plus 20 proofs. Proofed by Advanced Graphics, London. Published by Petersburg Press in association with Waddington Galleries, London.
    Paper and image 40.5 x 35.5 cm.
    (Dempsey 38)

    Top left to bottom right:
    Ah! this life is so everyday
    She fled along the avenue
    You’ll be sick if you spend all your time indoors
    All these confessions…
    Oh Helen, I roam my room
    She’ll have forgotten her scarf


    Available as a set or individually.


    Caulfield was introduced to the poetry of Laforgue by a fellow student at the Royal College of Art who suspected that the 19th Century French poet would appeal to him. The qualities that he particularly admired in Laforgue’s poems could also, perhaps, describe Caulfield’s art – “wonderfully concise, managing to be both romantic and ironic”. When invited to produce a limited edition book, Jules Laforgue was Caulfield’s natural subject choice.

    Laforgue was a pioneer of free verse. He experimented with vocabulary, structure and rhythm, and his poetry had a considerable impact on 20th Century Imagist poets such as Ezra Pound and T.S.Eliot. His books of verse include Les Complaintes (1885) and Imitation de Notre Dame la lune (1887).

    Patrick Caulfield
    And I am alone in my house

    Screenprint in colours, 1973.
    From ‘Some Poems of Jules Laforgue’.
    Signed in pencil verso, numbered from the edition of 200.
    Printed on Neobond synthetic wove paper by Frank Kicherer, Stuttgart.
    Co-published by Petersburg Press and Waddington Galleries, London.
    (Dempsey 38R).
    40 x 35 cm.

    Patrick Caulfield

    Screenprint in colours, 1978.
    Signed in pencil, numbered from the edition of 75.
    Printed at Kelpra Studios, London.
    Published by Waddington Graphics, London.
    (Dempsey 57).
    57.5 x 60.8 cm.


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