Review of Eileen Cooper’s Nights at the Circus in the i Newspaper…

Read the review in the i Newspaper on Eileen Cooper’s Nights at the Circus exhibition here.

Eileen Cooper: Nights at the Circus | 4th March – 2nd April

Eileen Cooper takes us on a journey through her imagination in Nights at the Circus, her second exhibition with Sims Reed Gallery.

Drawing inspiration from Angela Carter’s seminal novel Nights at the Circus, Cooper has created over twenty unique works on paper and prints. We are also excited to launch two new editions with Cooper, Blue Moon and Feathers. Similarly to Carter, Cooper’s work weaves elements of fairy tales and magical realism in her distinctive style, which treads an agile path between realism and fantasy. Revisiting this much loved novel elicited deep connections that tied Carter’s colourful characters with imagery in Cooper’s work and subconscious. The result reveals a new body of work which combines motifs inspired by the literary work and ideas drawn from her own imagination. A very personal interpretation of the tale is told through her eyes.

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Please see link to the online catalogue here.

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