Sarah Graham was born in Edinburgh in 1973.  Between 1992 and 1996 she completed two MA’s at Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art in History of Art and Fine Art.  From 1994-2005 she travelled across the world drawing and painting in Australia, Turkey, Cape Town, China, Pakistan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, California and Long Island, USA.  In 2001 she rode across Central Asia with a travel writer and made a film that the Discovery Chanel bought called Beyond the Mountains of Heaven and co-wrote the book Silk Road, Troubled Dreams.

Natural forms, insects and the plant world provide her main source of inspiration, either borrowed from the Natural History Museum or forming collections from her travels in the studio. She now alternates between drawing from nature and then working up the drawings in her studio.  Sarah’s drawings have been acquired by important collectors in the UK and USA as well as other parts of the world.

“Sarah Graham’s work is uniquely beautiful. Her twisting , flowing , sensuous flower forms , executed with a restrained elegance yet a contemporary brio and layered with ravishing colour, have an echo of Isnik art. Some have an even more distant orient form which influences her pale delicate drawing, while others executed in bold chiaroscuro, recall Japanese ink drawings.
Here is an artist who knows her metier intimately and faultlessly, and who has studied her subject with diligence and devotion. Sarah’s [work] are a delight to the eye, mind and heart.’
– Nicky Haslam

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